Before Freebridge began as an organisation we spoke with as many of our tenants as possible to find out what they thought our priorities should be during our first few years. So now that we’ve come to the end of our 10th year we wanted to ask you once again what areas of work you’d like to see us focus on in the future. 

So please take a few minutes to fill in this survey by Tuesday 30 May. By taking part you can enter the free prize draw, with a chance of winning one of three £100 prizes.

We have already consulted with a wide range of tenants to come up with ideas for where we should improve. You can see a brief description of all of these at the beginning of the survey.

To help you tell us which are most important, these ideas have then been split into pairs, each time compared against one of the others. Each idea appears more than once. When we put all of your answers together we will be able to tell what all your priorities are.

The survey is being carried out on our behalf by a specialist company named ARP Research. All of your answers are confidential. This means that the overall results will be published, but it will not be possible for any person or address to be identified from the survey findings. If you have any questions or concerns about this survey please ring Freebridge on 0333 240 4444.

  • It won't take long to complete the survey. Don't worry about taking too long on each question, as your immediate answer is fine
  • If you feel the same about both of the ideas on a single line, whether good or bad, just choose the middle box
  • All questions require an answer before you can continue to the next section
  • You can pause the survey to resume at a later time - just use the button at the bottom of any page

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